Advanced Analytics

New features for Creators and more subscription business insights.
There are 4 sections SubscribeStar supporters may find under menu -> Analytics.

Tiers Distribution
The chart on the left displays an amount collected per tier, the chart on the right - number of pledges per tier.
Pledges by Country
The map shows how much pledges in USD you received so far from each country.
The Income chart
Reflects total earnings from your Star Profile. It doesn't include income received from referral activity. The blue line is your daily income (tension) and the green line is your total income (cumulative).

The left vertical axis, Daily scale, corresponds to the blue line. The right vertical axis, Cumulative scale, used to measure the Total Income Amount accumulated from the beginning of 2020 and corresponds to the green line.
Each section has a monthly breakdown.

Subscribers Activity
This chart reflects the daily statistics of your subscribers activity

One-off Pledges
This chart reflects all received payments unrelated to subscriptions. These payments are made via Tips feature by both subscribers and visitors of your profile page.

Income Sources
This chart reflects distribution of your income with respect to the source.

Manual payments include all new subscription pledges and Tips (one-off pledges). These charts do not reflect a referral income.

Combined Tiers Income
This Chart reflects a combined income amount (in USD) generated by each tier starting 2020 up to each date.

The high price of the tier isn't always directly translates to the high income from this tier.
Identify underperforming tiers to adjust subscribers' benefits accordingly.

Number of Pledges per Tier
This chart reflects a combined absolute number of payments per each tier starting 2020 up to each date.

Calculated for UTC (GMT) timezone. This chart may have an insignificant deviation from expected numbers.

Active subscribers change over time
This chart shows the change in numbers of your active subscriptions starting from the beginning of the current year.

The blue line can go up and down to negative. If it goes below the horizontal axis at the end, you're losing subscribers. The green line shows the general trend.

More details in the video below