SubscribeStar Refund Policy

General Statements

By using this Service, all Content Providers (i.e., Stars) expressly agree that they will be responsible for paying a total amount of the refunds requested on their profile and all applicable fees.

All refund requests are subject to careful consideration, which may or may not result in a decision to issue the refund, depending on circumstances.

The refunded amount will be taken from the related Content Provider’s future payments.

The refunded amount and associated fees will be deducted instantly from the Content Provider’s account upon issuing the refund.

If, for any reason, any User reposts content they had access to on this Platform or elsewhere, with or without permission of the content owner, such a User will not be eligible for refunds.


To initiate refund, user has to contact us at [email protected] explicitly stating the reason for the refund, amount of the refund and details about the purchase it concerns.

Once this request for refund is received and inspected, we will send an email to notify user that we have received his/her request. We will also notify user by means of email message(s) of the approval or rejection of their request. Although normally we will explain the reasoning behind either decision, we reserve the right not to elaborate on this matter.

If refund is approved, then it will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to user's credit card or original method of payment, within a number of days specific for each case.
Any and all complaints, claims, or refund requests submitted on behalf of a third party (e.g., your friend, associate, companion, family member, etc.) will be disregarded. To file a complaint, the party that consider itself a victim side, should submit complaint by themselves, from the email address registered with the Service, supported by as many evidences as possible (e.g., screenshots, receipts, quotations, etc.).

Late or Missing Refunds

In the event user has been issued a refund but haven’t received one within the expected timeframe, user needs first check his/her bank account again before contacting SubscribeStar.

Second step would be to contact a credit card company - it may take some time before a refund is officially posted.

There is often some processing time before a refund is posted and visible in bank statement. Therefore the next step for the user should be contact his/her bank.

After user has done all of this and still has not received a refund, he/she needs to contact us at [email protected].

Failed Promises

We do not grant refunds for failure to deliver content on behalf of Stars. For instance, if Star has promised to post certain amount of content per period and failed to do so, SubscribeStar is not responsible for the refunds for this undelivered content.

In the event when Star is unable to fulfill any or some of commitments or promises made to the users (i.e. subscribers), Star may need to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution directly with each user in one or another way without making SubscribeStar involved in the process and/or holding liable for it. This resolution may include refunding a subscription fees directly to subscriber/subscribers.

Interpersonal Relationships

Stars and their respective Subscribers may get involved in interpersonal and sometimes quite close relationships, where we are not in a position to comment on, monitor, mentor, govern, or make any advice concerning such relationships. 
Any conflicts, disputes, arguments, disagreements, controversies, mutual accusations, breakups, fights, misunderstandings, and other sorts of disruptive interpersonal relationships between content creators (i.e., Stars) and their respective Subscribers - in real life or online - won't be considered as a basis for complaints, refund requests, or any other demands to act against the involved party. 


If the amounts earned by a Star on SubscribeStar exceed a certain threshold, and/or a Star has a high number of refunds or chargebacks (each as determined by SubscribeStar in its sole discretion), we may withhold a percentage of the subscription fees and tips accumulated to the date, for period of time as determined by SubscribeStar. Meanwhile, corresponding account may or may not be locked or subject to other limitations.

Time Frame

The refund won't be granted if more than 30 (thirty) days have gone by since the purchase (i.e., subscription).
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