DDEX (Dino-Defenders Extreme)
If you're a fan of unique storytelling and wish to support a vision that honours old school sci-fi movies, then this is the project for you!
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Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne is a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket. More info at
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I'm on the path of proving to my organization [REDACTED] that I am worthy of running my own division! From my command center, I am testing the waters on all streaming platforms to see which one provides me the strongest signal.
Jane Koyama
Digital artist, comic creator, and indie game developer
I'm coolman229 and I make Youtube videos on movies, video games, TV shows, etc, and I particularly like to talk about writing []
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Bruce Carbon Lakeriver
Supporting my Work on my YouTube/Bitchute Channel
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The Official SubscribeStar account for WCBs
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I'll offer earlier videos, when possible, audio for them and and depending on the topic requested content.
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Comic Book Hut
What makes a hero? Are they born or do they choose to do the right thing? Conlan,a young sailor has a great decision to make. CAPTAIN GALAXY: IN THE DAWNING is a 60 page color epic graphic novel about a pregnant space whale that is about to give birth on the planet Earth,but if that happens the planet will be destroyed. This story is inspired by Jonah and the Whale. Many people have found themselves in hopeless situations and a simple thing like a prayer can be their salvation. In CAPTAIN GALAXY: IN THE DAWNING,Captain Galaxy and his daughters Dina and LaMara arrive from the planet Annwfn to stop this "blessed event". Their obstacle is the Formorii sea-prince Manannan Mac Lir who has somehow found a way to control the creature.
DigitalAlucard on YouTube
Whether it's YouTube, X, TikTok or Rumble, DigitalAlucard or Alucard for short is a small content creator working for the sole purpose of survival. You will see Reviews of various products, see gaming content as well as plenty of rants. On occasion I will provide commentary on the more thought provoking kind.
My channels The NPC Show, The NPC Kitchen, and The NPC Studios consist of food, fun, and patriotism.
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The Olga S. Pérez Show
This Podcast show is all about storytelling, current event and trending topics.
Value for Viral
Truth Channel Exposing Conspiracies, Media Lies, Uncovering the truth hidden in Plain sight
Valeyard Film Archives
VFA has 7 years of experience working to archive and preserve culturally significant film. We mutually assist others, and work alongside professionals. Our new website is under construction:
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Illustrator/Comic Creator/Animator
US Army disabled veteran, multimedia producer, and inventor.
Podcasts and theme music tracks produced by Joe Charter, a musician with 100's of original music tracks, producing LIVE interviews of producers, book authors, entrepreneurs and music singer-songwriters from around the world
I make shit videos about fake truthers, injustice and shills, among other things. This SubscribeStar account has been set up to counter an ongoing cancellation attempt. All my content is, of course, free - this page is just for people who wish to support the YouTube channel <3
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Brainstorm Lore
I produce lore videos and retrospectives on various pieces of Star Wars media.
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The Kaz
Videos showing off oddities, unboxings, pop culture discussions and places I travel.
Video Reactions of Meme, podcast about Cultural issues
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to open up the lefts minds to reality and to have fun like dragonball z bleach anime cartoons that sort of thing
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UnBowed Productions
We interview artists, put on live concerts, produce music videos, and create albums
The Biological Realist
A video show that explores the biological implications for understanding history, culture and politics.
A Streaming & YouTube video game channel for those of you who enjoy watching some RPG's, RTS's or MTG content.
Pride Resurrection: Keeping classic MMA and Shoot Wrestling alive
I do be doin the thing.
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Weeb Trash Audio
I am a male voice actor specializing in audio roleplays, primarily targeted towards a female audience. All audios produced are all highly immersive and engaging experiences. Enjoy!
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Pickup Paul
I do ride-share and sometimes get very entertaining rides.
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Modern Dating Cure
A Cure For Modern Dating Problems

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