Anthony and Kathleen Patch
Creating Educational Broadcasting and Publishing
Canadian Whatever
A Canadian Nurse in Canada working hard to bring the real facts without political, media, or mainstream bias.
Matt Cole
Provision in online courses, organization, and research.
Margo - The Scientific Empath - shares research and information on Abrupt Climate Change, Near Term Human Extinction and the End Times. Margo also shares her dreams, visions and intiutions about what is coming and offers spiritual support.
10 subscribers
121 posts
Arsinoe Library
Arsinoe Library is a publisher and research center for classic literature, culture, and historical epics. Our goal is to make these works accessible to modern audiences with research and enhanced narratives.
Old ideas aren’t helping and discussion is under fire. Together may our hearts be kind, our minds fierce and our spirits brave. Trying to evolve in a an upside down world, Together.You are not alone in this Brave New World.
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Lost Arts Radio (Lost Arts Research Institute)
"Crafting real life solutions from timeless wisdom and tools - practical applications of Love."
Gianni Flash
22 days
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Rewriting the rules of propaganda.
14 days
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We've Read The Documents
The official SubscribeStar for We've Read The Documents.
Chris Graves
I'm a researcher/on-air personality for radio shows/podcasts such as Get M.A.D. With Chris Graves on, Paratruther with Tony Arterburn, The New Prisoners, I Protest With Donald Jeffries, The Arterburn Radio Transmission
Retroreloader - Returnlearn - Heartsmindsmedia
Creating Retro Art, infographics, Books and Games.
Wiki World Order
( Independent research and multimedia to collaboratively outgrow the corporate-industrial complex. You can support my software at
Yannic Kilcher
Machine Learning Research Videos
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