Hayoung T. Yim (Terran Nerd)
Support my skits on sociopolitical issues. They have us fighting a Culture War to distract us from the Class War, and with your help, I won't go down without a fight.
Art work/ Drawing and Video commentary inspired by the spirit of the depths and the spirit of the times. Help support my Work. Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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Dave Cullen
Help support my Journalism. Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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Political and social commentary.
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Praying Together in Faith
Social Commentary, Prayers, Creating Culture - we are looking to bring truth, goodness, beauty, and love to the forefront of people's lives.
Nothin But Rippin
Any support for my YouTube channel would be much appreciated..
atheism is unstoppable
Ladies and gentlemen, I have started an account here, just in case. We live in troubling times and I would like to continue to be able to create videos for everyone. I thank you for the support. - Devon
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This is the page to support my series on Julius Evola's "Revolt Against the Modern World", as well as my other projects. Thank you for stopping by!
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