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Hi!I'm just a Romanian with a youtube channel talking about things that I find interesting and try to give them a comedic twist.
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The weekly coffee

Actually the more I think about it, you can buy more then a week worth of coffee with 5$ here! And since I gave up drinking pepsi I kinda need it.

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Batteries for my cats

Turns out cats require energy to function and If I don't feed them they become defective. As such I try to get the best food I possibly can for them!

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Toys for my cats

I am starting to think I buy more stuff for my cats then I do for myself. If you take this pledge and you want, I can show you pictures of the furry menances. Actually you can see pictures of them anyway, I love talking about felines and helping other pet owners out

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I was asked for this!

People said this is missing here it is

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Pledge $35 or more per month

Its a reward thats double plus good compared to the previous one

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Do I really deserve this?!

I mean its not that I don't want it. But the question is do I deserve it? I don't feel my entertainment is worth this much, but if you are so inclined then I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Buyers remorse

I hope my videos managed to get you out of a serious depression, heal your dying son, make a cancer patient happy or else I geniuenly don't understand why you would want to give me this much.

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Edgy and evil at the same time

It would take a truly evil person to waste so much money on a romanian guy they never spoke with

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  • I really thank you for your donation, without people like you my channel would not be possible. Do not forget to contact me for criticisms, sugestions or just having a chat


Do the Vtuber skits bother you in TWIS?

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